Cuki Professional
Food in a perfect shape

Cuki Professional provides a wide range of products made from different materials (aluminium, plastic and cardboard) and technologically avant-garde specially designed for the catering industry and the many different...more

The needful in the kitchen

Domopak offers guaranteed practical, safe solutions for every household requirement: from the usual range of products for preserving food, to those designed for freezing and cooking food.more

Domopak Spazzy
Strength, functionality and respect for the environment

Cuki Cofresco SpA operates in the garbage bags market with its Domopak Spazzy brand. Domopak Spazzy is the complete range of garbage bags that combines functionality, strenght and ecology, using a patent manufacturing process,...

Domopak Living
Enjoy your home

CUKI Cofresco S.p.A. operates in the storage market with its Domopak Living brand. Domopak Living is the innovative way to have more tidy and comfort at home with practical and functional solutions that solve the problems of...

Your kitchen in safe hands

Cuki's wide range of products provides high-performance solutions for preparing, preserving, cooking, freezing and serving food. A market leader in Italy since 1968 thanks to the quality and safety of its products, Cuki is an...more



30.08.2018 Melitta completes the acquisition of Cuki Group SpA

Today (i) Melitta Group Management GmbH & Co. KG ("Melitta") has completed acquisition of 100% of Cuki Group SpA; (ii) Cuki Group SpA shareholders' meeting, appointed the new Board of Directors constituted by...more

12.07.2018 The Melitta Group acquires 100% of Cuki

Melitta Group Management GmbH & Co. KG ("Melitta") has finalized an agreement with Corrado Ariaudo, majority shareholder and CEO of Cuki Group SpA ("Cuki"), for the purchase of 100% of the company, market...more

05.06.2018 Cuki among the 100 Italian excellences of the Circular Economy

Symbola Foundation has included Cuki in the volume "100 Stories of Circular Economy" among the 100 Italian excellences of the Circular Economy, enhancing the range of Cuki products "Impegnati per l'ambiente"...more

22.01.2018 Cuki at the International Event “Choose France!"

France: Macron, 8 managers of Italian companies invited in Versailles (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) - Jan. 22 - At the economic summit with French President Emanuel Macron, today in Versailles eight top managers of Italian...more

Charity Project


recovered meals with the Charity Project supporting Banco Alimentare Foundation ...more


09.04.2018 Cuki Cofresco S.p.A. has completed the establishment of an industrial and commercial joint-venture in Poland

Cuki Cofresco S.p.A. has completed the establishment of an industrial and commercial joint-venture in Poland - 50% with a local partner - named Cuki Alfatec Sp.Zoo, based in Poznan and focused on the development of expansion...more

27.11.2017  Cuki is back in communication

Cuki comes back on TV from the 26th of November to the 31st of December, with an advertising campaign signed by Armando Testa, with 2 rotating subjects ("Knife Thrower" and "Snake charmer") focused on the...more

31.05.2017 Cuki Cofresco S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of Ilmak Makina

Cuki Cofresco SpA has completed the acquisition of the residual 50% of the Turkish Ilmak Makina San. ve Ticaret, assuming the totalitarian control.more

28.04.2017 Cuki Group S.p.A. Shareholders' Meeting approved the 2016 Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statement at 31.12.2016