Domopak Spazzy

Strength, functionality and respect for the environment


Garbage bags

Cuki Cofresco SpA operates in the garbage bags market with its Domopak Spazzy brand.

Domopak Spazzy is the complete range of garbage bags that combines functionality, strenght and ecology, using a patent manufacturing process, certified AFNOR and ISO 14001, which allows to retrieve from the collection of plastic, renewed resources for the production of garbage bags.

Thanks to this sophisticated and unique recycling system, that reduces consumption of CO2 and fuel needed to produce new material, Domopak Spazzy respects the environment obtaining resources and making products recyclable again, characterized by excellent strenght.



Domopak Spazzy is the line of garbage bags which offers specific products dedicated to the collection of waste.

A complete range of products made to better respond to consumer needs: practical and resistant bags with high performance and environmentally friendly.

The Domopak Spazzy garbage bags are completely recyclable and made using high components of recycled or of plant origin material.

Strength, functionality and respect for the environment are the core values of Domopak Spazzy.