09.11.2011 - Banco Alimentare Foundation and Cuki together in the Cuki Save the Food project

Today, in Milan, has been presented Cuki Save the Food. In this charity project Cuki supports Banco Alimentare Foundation in its activity of collection and recovery of not consumed food coming from catering and retail market, to be allocated to charitable organizations committed to deliver meals to people in need. Cuki Save the Food is a project that integrates the activities promoted by Banco Alimentare Foundation, especially by Siticibo, the program for the recovery of the cooked but not served food together with unsold fresh food, already committed in Lombardia, Piemonte and Veneto. This project will allow to extend the food recovery activity also in Roma, Genova, Piacenza, Pescara, Campania, Umbria, Puglia and Sicilia. The aluminium trays are the main players of Cuki Save the Food.Everyday these containers are used in millions of Italian homes and in the professional catering areas, to preserve and transport the food in a healthy and safety way. The aluminium trays will be supplied to the operators of Banco Alimentare Foundation, daily committed to recover and transport cooked but not served food, together with fresh foods (such as bread, cakes and fruit), from the school, hospital and hotel canteens to the institutions and the centers of solidarity. This activity is made through a complex logistics network and in compliance with food safety standard. Cuki Save the Food will also supply the thermic box, which will allow for the first time the collection of fresh and packed foods from retail surplus. Starting from today, the quality of Cuki products is also devoted to a social solidarity objective: to contribute to preserve food waste and provide them to the poor people.