30.08.2018 - Melitta completes the acquisition of Cuki Group SpA

Today (i) Melitta Group Management GmbH & Co. KG ("Melitta") has completed acquisition of 100% of Cuki Group SpA; (ii) Cuki Group SpA shareholders' meeting, appointed the new Board of Directors constituted by Mr.Corrado Ariaudo as CEO and the Board Members Mr.Pieter Van Halewjin and Mr.Kurt Groh; (iii) Cuki Group SpA and Cuki Cofresco SpA Boards of Directors have - inter alia - approved the merger by incorporation of the subsidiary Cuki Cofresco SpA into the controlling Company Cuki Group SpA; project to be submitted to the shareholders' meetings fixed on 17th September; (iv) as a result of the change of control, Cuki Group SpA, refinanced by Melitta fully repaid the residual consolidated debt to the Financing Institutions.

The above described operations complete successfully the financial restructuring plan under art. 67 L.F. carried out by the Cuki Group fully respecting the agreements with all the Financing Institutions.