The Group


The Group

Cuki Group SpA in Volpiano (Turin) headquarter controls Cuki Cofresco SpA, specialized in:

Productions are located:

  • in Italy, in Frosinone and Pontinia factories for Cuki and Domopak products and in Nervesa della Battaglia plant (Treviso) for Domopak Living products;
  • in the Istanbul factory of the Turkey subsidiary Ilmak AS, which operates in the Middle-Eastern and Balkan markets;
  • in France, in the new-company Cuki France SAS La Terrasse plant (Isère), focused on aluminum and cardboard containers production for the French market and customers in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Benelux and UK;
  • in Poland, in the industrial and commercial joint venture Cuki Alfatec Sp.z.o.o. plant in Poznan focused on the development of the Eastern European markets.

Cuki Group SpA - Strada Brandizzo 130
10088 Volpiano (TO)
Tax Code registered in Turin n° 008329500018
Share Capital: Euro 9.877.670,93



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